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We focus on investments in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the regions which we want to actively develop. We invest in projects in areas which are well-known to us and we care about the social overlap of our activities. For each investment opportunity, we also take into account, in addition to the usual economic parameters, the amount of added value which we can give to the project.

We are devoted to our projects, so we usually operate and actively manage them for a long time. We keep any investment income in those projects for their further development.

Investments bringing value to their surroundings.

Obor - Výroba


Fruit drying

company:  PETRUSKA, a. s.

We operate a modern fruit and vegetable belt dryer in accordance with strict food production standards in the heart of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. You can taste our products in, for example, the Müsli of leading Czech producers, and you can also try the excellent crunchy fruit that we sell in business networks under our own brand, VITAMAN.

Pellet manufacturing

company:  VOSTOK s. r. o.

Manufacturing of an ecological heating source – wood pellets, with an output of 15.500 tonnes per year. Pellets are manufactured from 100% wood, without the use of any binders. Their manufacture also uses an ecological heat source. The Vostok pellets are of excellent quality, A1, certified under the ENPlus standard. They are therefore requested by customers from Western Europe.

Energocentrum Želovce

company:  SELU, s. r. o. and JURIKY, s. r. o.

Biogas plants with a total output of 2 MWe process biomass from the surrounding region. These plants supply residual heat to the nearby pellet factory.



company:  MERYDEN, a. s.

Biogas plant with an output of 840 kW located in Herálec, the Highlands. The station processes biomass and secondary products from the nearby agricultural holding. It contributes to the landscape care, increases employment in the region and removes the smell from its surroundings thanks to the early disposal of these secondary products through anaerobic technology.

PV power plants CZ, SK

companies:  HUTIRA FVE - OMICE, a. s., IBOLIDEN, a. s., SPV Ľadovo 8, s. r. o., SPV Ľadovo 9, s. r. o.

Our plants are often built at places in need of revitalisation. For example, the Omice photovoltaic power plant was built in the exhausted part of a quarry, and another was built in Božice in the place of a disintegrated JZD (socialist-era agricultural cooperative). We manage a total of 9 MWe of photovoltaic sources.

Obor - Nemovitosti

Real estate


firma:  ENKORY, a. s.

The company ENKORY, a.s. is focused on the development of residential real estate in attractive rural areas. It brings pleasant and high-quality housing at an affordable price to clients, and a serious partnership for municipalities. The result of our work are residential areas built with respect to the landscape and existing residents. It is based primarily on the precise preparation of projects and the high professional care devoted to each project.

Agricultural land

company:  APPLEBEE, a. s.

APPLEBEE, a. s. is trading, managing and owning agricultural land on long-term basis. So far the company bought hundreds of hectares of land and still continues to buy. We increase the value of the investment made to the agricultural land by working on land management. We deal with land consolidation, optimization of lease contracts and, changes of the zoning plan. We also provide advice on trade and management of agricultural land. Based on the merger project, APPLEBEE a. s. will be merged with the parent company SUR LIE, a. s. All activities and asset management will continue to be performed by SUR LIE, a. s.

Agricultural land

company:  HERAGRA, s. r. o.

We expanded our purchase and long-term land management activities to the Highlands region, where we own the HERAGRA farm. HERAGRA helps the farm with which we have been cooperate for some time to stabilize its land base with the vision of ownership and long-term active management leading to eco-friendly farming and good condition of the land owned.

Private senior residences

company:  SUR LIE, a. s.

We are preparing a network of private senior residences in the Czech Republic, which will provide clients with top facilities and care. One of the projects near Brno already has a valid building permit, others are in the preparation phase.

Obor - Zemědělství


Agropodnik Želovce

company:  AGROPODNIK Želovce, s. r. o.

We have taken over this farm into our administration with the vision of synergistic cooperation with our other project in Želovce. We have improved the economic performance of the company and optimised local agricultural practices. We have introduced elements of precision agriculture and strategic planning. Our operations significantly strengthened the farm's business model, so the company was able to purchase state-of-the-art technology and expand its area. Nowadays, it is a respected farm in the region, which also provides its modern technology in the form of services to neighbouring farmers.


company:  AGROKIRHU, s. r. o.

The AGROKIRHU farm, which became an affiliated company of Agropodnik Želovce, expanded its activities in the agricultural sector in accordance with our strategy of long-term development of the location. AGROKIRHU also works on the basis of accurate planning, as well as care for the environment and the soil itself.

Farma Herálec

company:  Zemědělské obchodní družstvo v Herálci

The Herálec farm moved into SUR LIE portfolio gradually, first on the basis of partnership in the operation of a biogas station, later on the basis of financial support and development of new projects at the farm. The Herálec farm has more than 60 years of tradition in plant and livestock production in the region. Our vision is the development and modernisation of all of its processes. In terms of plant production, this involves the implementation of anti-erosion measures and practices leading to water retention in the landscape. In terms of livestock production, we are working on improving breeding conditions and introducing livestock output processing.

Obor - Služby


Engineering office

company:  TOLZA, spol. s r. o.

The engineering office benefits from more than 10 years of experience in construction activities. It is involved in designing and arranging all parts of construction administration, such as building permits, planning decisions, and more. It oversees all building projects including family homes, and commercial, administration, and production buildings, from proposal to the final implementation of the project.

Consultancy in the operation of energy sources

company:  WERNOT, a. s.

In WERNOT, we have capitalised on our experience gained from the operation of our own energy sources. Consultancy services help to optimise the operation of a biogas station and to increase its efficiency.

Consultancy in the area of holding structures and securities

company:  TARIA a. s.

TARIA focuses on strategic solutions in holding structures and companies using funding through securities. Consultancy services focus on creative and flexible solutions. Confidentiality and lawful procedures are integral parts of its services.

company:  LENTY, a. s.

The StartujByznys project is intended for entrepreneurs who need qualified help at the beginning or revival of their business. It helps to uncover 'dead ends' when placing a product on the market and gives advice on leading a business team. Services include determination of market objectives and marketing strategies.


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