developing all our investments…

…with a sense for values. We are a progressive investment group specialising in the creation and long-term active management of investment projects. We manage assets with a total value of approximately one billion Czech crowns. We are backed by our own team of experts focused on strategy, management, business, finance, production, and construction. Thanks to this, we are able to choose a long-term vision and a successful strategy to achieve it for each project.

We are active in the following sectors

Obor - Nemovitosti Real estate

We see a great potential in the ownership and management of agricultural lands.
We managed...

to buy hundreds of hectares under favourable conditions, and the value of this investment is still increasing. We are also active in the development of residential and commercial projects.
Obor - Výroba Production

We work out an investment opportunity and execute it, including its consecutive operation and market outlets.
For example, we built...

a fruit drying plant that supplies leading Czech food industry companies, and a pellet factory that successfully exports products to Western Europe. We also manage energy sources in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with a total output of 12 MWe. We take care of investments, operations, and the complete administration of those factories.
Obor - Zemědělství Agriculture

Our farms are effective and environmentally friendly. We use innovative techniques and state-of-the-art technology.
We helped...

a 500-hectare farm to triple its acreage. We strengthened its position both on the market and in its region, where it became a respected company as well as one that provides services to neighbouring farmers.
Obor - Služby Services

We manage companies that provide a wide range of services to their clients.
These companies include...

a holding-related consultancy, a marketing consulting company and engineering office focused on all types of ground constructions, including the settlement of all public law matters.


We competently manage
and develop investments